a blog?

when i have free times on my hands, i tend to just do things randomly..especially if they involve a laptop and are free…so i’ve decided to create a blog! i’ve heard lots of people talk about how great wordpress can be, so i wanted to check it out.


::the kingdom is at hand

you might be wondering what i’m talking in my title…well, here goes: i am waiting, always waiting — i wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word i have put hope. waiting doesnt mean im just sitting around. it requires a readiness, a preparedness, to surrender, to submit, at any and every moment. waiting means being immersed in prayer and the Word of God. it means seeking…seeking the Kingdom of God. ultimately, its awaiting His return. when the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, the slaughtered Lamb of God, will reign in righteousness. its about living in this time now…the in between time. waiting means seeking restoration, redemption, and rebirth. its about Christ coming…and at the same time, arriving.

in this season of advent, may you be reminded that He is coming…and soon. invest in people, seek the Lord wholeheartedly, and know His peace.


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