Oh, my crippled soul
So broken with my sin
With a nature so depraved
I’m so ashamed, so afraid
If I bring it up again
If you really look again
Will you change your mind
And never let me in

O Lord, please do anything but leave me here
Let me run again, or help me fly,
Or somehow make it right
But Lord, please don’t leave me here

And I hate what I am
All these things that you despise
The depravity that seems to be
At the core of who I am
So hide me from myself
Let me pretend I’m someone else
Someone with a pure
And holy heart

Is it any wonder then
That I should love to fly
Those moments when I touch you
And escape all that I am
Is it any wonder then
That I should do all that I can
To make it seem like I am whole
And worthy

Tell me Lord, what do you want
Do you plan to make me whole
Or leave me broken
And bring glory through your grace

Crippled Soul by Sojourn Music


One comment on “sin

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