Kirk Byron Jones on the Gift of Human Freedom

Another way in which the traditional understanding of purpose deadens life is that it nullifies human creativity. Why must we assume that our purposes are ready-made, especially given the Creator’s issuance of dominion to humankind in the Genesis narrative of creation? We may do so out of respect for God’s mysterious and omnipotent power.

I contend that we do so more because we have been taught that God wants to program us, wants to tell us what to do. I object! Stop wanting God to tell you what to do. God wants to inspire you; God does not want to control you. To want God to tell you what to do is to give back God’s greatest gift to you: freedom. Close to freedom in terms of divine and wondrous gifts is the gift of our creative impulses…Any thought or deed that thwarts human ingenuity and creativity is not of God but rather an enemy of the truly divine. This includes the thought that God dictates a purpose for us to discover. No. We are called to join God in cocreating purpose and life itself.

Kirk Byron Jones

Holy Play, p12


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