Elizabeth O’Connor and Small Groups

What would happen if more small groups were formed this way in our churches?

All the mission groups at Church of the Saviour come into existence in response to a person’s call. For example, someone may want to work in the area of curing drug addiction, or in some phase of education. If the call is sounded so that it comes as good news to others and they want to work in the accomplishment of certain goals, then we have a new mission group. And when a new group comes into existence, one of its first tasks is to identify the gifts of each of its members so that every person is exercising a gift on behalf of the group. Each of the groups has a moderator, a spiritual director, a teacher, a pastor prophet, a shepherd, and an activist or plowman. Also, each person, with the help of group members, names a gift that can be used in performing the tasks the group has defined for itself.


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