Come to the Feast

The Kingdom of God is like a wedding feast: you’re all invited. Just think of how great it is to be at a wedding reception…

everything is provided

the food is good

sometimes there’s even free alcohol

you get to see old friends

great conversation


it’s a celebration

In Matthew 22:1-14, Jesus describes a pretty sad scene. Those who are invited are too busy; some have farms, others have businesses, and others are just plain wicked. He then says they were not worthy to attend. Who is worthy? Those who accept – the good and the bad. You’re worthy just by accepting the invitation. The sad part is that those who were too busy, those who were busy trying to earn their worth by their own work, were not aware that no work is required. Everything is provided. All that is required is a response to the invitation… and that you come prepared to celebrate!

I invite you to listen to this beautiful song by Matt Maher that really captures this invitation. Will you come to the feast?


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