Morgan Guyton on Personhood

From the Red Letter Christians blog, Failure of Personhood (in Mississippi and Elsewhere) by Morgan Guyton:

To me, the personhood movement itself is a witness of the failure of personhood in modern Western thought, because thinking the state can decree “personhood” negates the meaning of personhood.Rights do not make a human being into a person; only relationships can do that…

To live in the world of persons is to appreciate the way God’s image is reflected in the irreducible idiosyncrasies of every individual in our lives.

Someone who is truly interested in embracing other people as persons cannot live in the world of ideological absolutes.

So how do unborn babies become people? A good place to start would be to treat their mommies like people. Whatever else is true about abortion, it is the product of women not being treated with dignity. People who oppose abortion as a cause that’s part of their ideological anti-feminist tribalism might use “personhood” as a legislative tactic in the pursuit of an ideological victory. It’s an entirely different approach to invest your energy into creating programs and support systems that nurture and affirm the personhood of mothers and their unborn babies. I know that this is already happening in many quiet ways across the country. I suspect that a critical hurdle we must overcome to end abortion in this country is for personhood to win over ideology within the leadership of the anti-abortion movement.

Read the full text of the article on the RLC blog.


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