An Advent Prayer

O God!

We are scattered and fragmented.

     Will You gather us? And make us one? Where is Your peace?

We are an unclean  and idolatrous people.

     Will you cleanse us? Can we be made whole again? Will your holiness not destroy us?

Our hearts no longer feel. We do not hear the cries of the weak, the oppressed. We are like statues.

     Will you revive us?

We have gone our own way – a way of fear, violence, and hate.

     Will you guide us? Will you comfort us? Where is Your joy?

We have lost our identity. We have no place.

     Who are we? Whose are we? Where will we go?

O God?


Ezekiel 36:24-28


One comment on “An Advent Prayer

  1. love2justice says:

    A great (and a little more hopeful) reflection on the same passage over on the Slow Church blog:

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