Every once in a while, it is good to slow down and look back over who you were and who you are now becoming; over where you have been and where you are now going. It is good because it tells your story to the person who needs to hear it the most: you. This is the work of a spiritual autobiography. It is good work because we so easily forget our own stories. We are overwhelmed by a cacophony of other stories that seem more appealing and exciting than our own. We listen to those stories instead. By ignoring our own stories, we replace our unique identities with pre-manufactured fantasies of people we wish we were. If we desire authenticity, we must first listen to ourselves – our whole selves. Further, we cannot begin to share our stories with others until we know them ourselves. As followers of Christ, the sharing of our stories – our testimonies – reveals our hope; as John the Revelator said, “they overcame [the accuser] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”[1] In a society that is desperately searching for meaning, we have no greater asset than the stories our lives are telling. As we reflect on our past, we prepare ourselves, and others, for a future that is free from the accusations, lies, and deceptions of our false selves. We are prepared to love; to walk in the freedom of love that is based in our very own stories of redemption in spite of all our failures and shortcomings. In light of all this, I want to share my story with a spiritual lens. Beginning with my early religious memories, through many shaping experiences and moments of transformation, continuing with the insights I have learned from my Spiritual Formation class, and ending with a look to the future, I hope to genuinely reflect on my journey towards wholeness and reconciliation with God in Jesus Christ through the power of His Spirit within me…


[to be continued]

[1] Rev. 12:11


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