Economic Theology

According to cooperatives the world today has the choice between the following:

Fascism (Corporatism) which is autocracy, first in business, by and by in politics;

Communism, which is class rule, and, at best, forced cooperation;

Capitalism, which is private profit, accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few upon whom the masses depend for work and who dictate at what price they shall be bought. This means a mass dictatorship.

Cooperatives, which means altruism, economic democracy, or, as Kagawa calls it, economic theology.

The religion of Jesus calls us to purify and rationalize by conscious acts of redemptive love all economic activities which have been heretofore relegated to the field of subconsciousness, thereby endeavoring to fulfil the ideal of God even in our economic life. If we leave the economic structure as it is today peace will never come. Nor will religion in its present state ever realize world peace. Peace will come only when the consciousness of redemptive love as manifested on the cross permeates the life of international economy through brotherhood love evidenced in the cooperative movement.

from Kagawa the Christian by Jan Karel Van Baalen (1936).


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