The World is Fed when Smallness Multiplies

Vandana Shiva speaks with Bill Moyers on vast dangers of genetically modified (GMO) seed to small around the world, especially poor farmers. I just love what she says about “the scale of what smallness means multiplied”:

The rights of our farmers to be able to have seed, the most fundamental source of livelihood in a poor country. Eighty percent of the food of the world is even, today, produced by those small farmers of the kind that we have in India. Our small farmers are feeding 1.2 billion Indians. We forget the scale of what smallness means multiplied many times. Because we’ve got used to the dinosaur mentality. We only see the big. We forget that dinosaurs go extinct.

As you and I think about how the world will continue to feed itself in light of a growing population and an increasingly hostile climate, we must remember the power of small farmers. GMO seeds rob farmers – big and small – of their power and place it in the hands of the copyright holders – Monsanto, Cargill, etc.

One of the best things I think we can do right now is fight for labeling of foods containing GMO ingredients in the US. An amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill allowing states to require GMO labeling failed in the Senate and has even less of a chance in the House. Please take a look at for more information about this effort.

Here’s the rest of Bill’s interview with Vandana Shiva:

Vandana Shiva on the Problem of Genetically Modified Seeds


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