Norman Wirzba on Eating Like gods

Every time we deny the memberships of need and nurture that define us as creatures and refuse the responsibilities that accompany our membership, we reach again, much like Adam and Eve, for the alluring fruit of the forbidden tree. This tree remains lodged in our dreams as the possibility that one day we will cease to be creatures and instead live the life of a god. What we don’t understand is that as long as we try to live like gods we banish ourselves from the garden. We don’t need God to drive us out. We go willingly in a desperate search for a limitless, carefree life we cannot have, while the land of nurture and delight beneath our feet suffers the neglect and destruction of our anxious ways. Though we may be successful for a while, it is impossible to refuse the care of creation and expect it to be a long-term, life-giving home.

Norman Wirzba in Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating.


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