LaCugna on the Perfection of God

The perfection of God is the perfection of love, of communion, of personhood. Divine perfection is the antithesis of self-sufficiency, rather it is the absolute capacity to be who and what one is by being for and from another. The living God is the God who is alive in relationship, alive in communion with the creature, alive with desire for union with every creature. God is so thoroughly involved in every last detail of creation that if we could truly grasp this it would altogether change how we approach each moment of our lives. For everything that exists – insect, agate, galaxy – manifests the mystery of the living God. While divine simplicity means that God is not composed of parts, everything points to the absolutely diverse relatedness of God who is alive as communion, who is constantly seeking to touch the creature, even if our senses are numbed by sin.

Catherine Mowry LaCugna in God For Us: The Trinity & Christian Life


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