What is holistic community development?

In 200 words or less…

Holistic community development is a collaborative, creative process which cultivates the social, economic, political, cultural, spiritual, and environmental conditions needed for the entire community to thrive. An outside organization or community developer works to begin this process by creating space for dialogue that helps the community re-narrate its story by asking critical questions about the status quo and the local and non-local forces that keep the status quo in place. As the community is empowered by this critical consciousness, a new, more equitable, just, and sustainable vision of the community’s future can emerge around which its members can organize. This social capital is the fuel that propels the community in critical praxes in pursuit of concrete changes in its everyday life, its cultural forms, its political processes, its economy, and its environment which all work together to enact the community’s new story. While outside resources or expertise may be needed, it is the community who leads and controls this process. This definition of holistic community development is inspired by the work of Friere in The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Margaret Ledwith’s Community Development, and Westoby and Dowling’s Dialogical Community Development


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